Au Pair Contract Template

View, download and customize our au pair sample contract for Australian host families as a word document.

Key Elements of an Au Pair Contract

Essential details
At the top, the au pair contract template includes basic information about the host family and the au pair, such as passport numbers, visa details, and bank information.

Au Pair duties
Au pair duties can be: assist parents by nurturing and stimulating their child, addressing their social, emotional, and physical needs through age-appropriate activities, ensuring safety, and maintaining hygiene. Duties can also include include organizing play areas, preparing meals, managing supplies, assisting with hygiene and self-care, and facilitating educational outings.

Host Family liability
Host families are responsible for the au pair's living expenses, including food, utilities, and work-related petrol, along with personal food preferences and car insurance liabilities. They must provide private accommodation, respect work hours, offer days off, and ensure care during illness, treating the au pair with respect and as a family member.

Au Pair liability
The au pair contract defines au pair liabilities, such as work hours, and behavioral standards, including sobriety at work, no unauthorized guests, minimal phone use, punctuality, and respecting the host family's home and neighbors.

Signatures and copies
Finally, the au pair contract must be signed by the host parents and the au pair. One original paper version must be handed out to each party. It is also a good idea to add copies of official documents, such as passports, id cards or driver's licenses.

Use Australian Dollars in your Au Pair Contract

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An au pair contract typically has a duration of six months. Exchange rates can fluctuate noticably over such a period. Or even worse, the au pair might have thought of a different currency, like US dollars or euros, when you agreed verbally. Therefore, in our experience, specifying the currency as Australian Dollars (AUD) throughout the au pair contract is vital, because it will avoid confusion or misunderstanding regarding the financial terms. To make sure that you mind the correct currency, our au pair contract template for Australia adds “AUD” to the respective placeholders throughout the document we provide. If your au pair is not familiar with our currency, you might send the link to a converter, such as

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