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How to become an Au Pair in Australia

Au Pair looking forward to find a host family through Premier Au Pair

Cultural Exchange: Immerse yourself in Australian culture, live with a host family, and learn their traditions and customs.

Language Acquisition: Improve your English skills by living with daily English conversations.

Travel and Explore: Discover Australia's diverse landscapes, cities, and wildlife during your free time.

Networking and Connections: Build a support network, lifelong friendships with host families and fellow Au Pairs.

Professional Development: Enhance your resume with adaptability, responsibility, and cross-cultural skills.

Affordable Experience: Receive accommodation, meals, and a stipend, making living in Australia cost-effective compared to other travel or study abroad options.

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What Au Pairs say

Legal requirements for Au Pairs

Age: You must be aged between 18 and 35 (inclusive) at the time of visa application.

Eligible Passport: You must hold a valid passport from an eligible country that participates in the Working Holiday Program. Check the dropdown on our Au Pair registration form to quickly find out if your country participates.

Health and Character Requirements: You must meet certain health and character requirements to ensure you are fit and suitable to work in Australia. This typically involves providing a medical certificate and obtaining a police clearance certificate from your home country.

Visa Application: You need to apply for a 417 or 462 Working Holiday Visa through the Australian Department of Home Affairs website or an authorized visa application center in your home country. You'll be required to complete the online application form, pay the visa fee, and submit the required documents, including your passport, photographs, and supporting evidence.

Working Holiday Visa Conditions: Once your visa is granted, you'll be subject to certain conditions. As an au pair, you must comply with the following conditions: You can engage in temporary or casual work for a maximum of 12 months in total. You cannot undertake study or training for more than 4 months.

Au Pair Placement: To work as an au pair in Australia, you'll need to find a host. The family should provide you with accommodation, meals, and a weekly allowance in exchange for your help with childcare and household duties.

Genuine Intention: You should have a genuine intention to primarily holiday in Australia and undertake short-term work as an incidental part of your holiday.

Sufficient Funds: You should have enough funds to support yourself during your initial stay in Australia. The immigration authorities may request evidence of access to sufficient funds, such as bank statements or a letter from your financial institution.

Health Insurance: It is strongly recommended to have adequate health insurance coverage during your stay in Australia. Reciprocal health care agreements may be in place with some countries, but it's important to confirm your specific situation with the relevant authorities.

Be an Au Pair in the ”Lucky Country“

High Quality of Life: Australia offers a strong economy, excellent healthcare system, high safety standards making your stay comfortable and secure.

Natural Beauty: Australia boasts stunning coastlines, pristine beaches, vast outback landscapes, and lush rainforests, providing a diverse range of breathtaking environments.

Cultural Diversity: Australia is renowned for its multicultural society, where the Aboriginal peoples' rich traditions and customs intertwine with a tapestry of diverse cultures.

Outdoor Lifestyle: Australia's climate and geography make it perfect for outdoor activities. From world-class beaches for surfing to national parks for hiking and enjoyable park barbecues.

As au pair in Australia you will see nature and wildlife, such as this adorable Koala bear.

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“Looking back on my experience as an Au Pair in Germany some years ago, I am still filled with gratitude for the incredible journey it provided and the start of a new chapter of my life. I remember well how I gave the children I cared for the famous Australian children's book 'Possum Magic' and how amazing it was to teach them about Australian wildlife and make them speak some words in English with an Australian accent. I wish that Premier Au Pair assists you in finding an ideal host family and embarking on a thrilling new chapter of your life.”

R. Khelil, Founder

Safety first

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Fraud Reporting System: Users can report any fraudulent or fake profiles. Please use the report button at the bottom of the family profile page for that.

Anonymous Chat: We protect your identity. Your name and email address remain hidden from other users at any time.

Secure Data: The system is hosted on servers located in Germany, fulfilling European high standards for both data protection and data security.

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