Frequently Asked Questions

What do you have to know about hosting an au pair in Australia?

No. Firstly, we believe that trust and honesty are very important values, in our business and the wider community.

Secondly, from conception, users have enjoyed our platform and rewarded us with interesting and convincing profiles.

Our promise - You will only connect with genuine and legitimite profiles on Premier Au Pair.

We've successfully connected numerous au pairs, even in remote areas. In fact, many European au pairs seem to prefer more secluded locations, seeking an authentic Australian experience. Therefore, we encourage you to register and actively highlight the uniqueness of your remote location.

An Au Pair is a young person from abroad with no children and between the ages of 18 and 35. He or she goes abroad for a certain amount of time to live and work with a host family. An Au Pair is included in the family and helps the host family with child and home-related tasks. Au Pair's also live with their host family and share daily life experiences such as meal time and local excursions. An Au Pair's time with the family is considered a cultural exchange and receives weekly pocket money in addition to accomodation, meals, and many other inclusions. 

An Au Pair will offer assistance with childcare and child-related tasks in the home. An Au Pair can also support light cleaning in the home. 

Au Pair's are a valuable asset to any family and they can be counted on to take on additional tasks such as:

  • Driving children to and from school and activities
  • Meal and snack preparation
  • Children's laundry
  • Assisting and supervising children in keeping their rooms tidy
  • Homework help

Every family is different and so are their needs. Always remember to communicate clearly what you expect your Au Pair to do without overstepping boundaries. 

The costs involved with hosting an Au Pair differ greatly from family to family. 

The biggest expense is the Au Pair's pocket money per week. In Australia, it can be anywhere from $100 (for demi pair hours - 15 - 20 hours a week) up to $300 (for regular hours - 25-30 hours). The amount of pocket money you pay is dependent on how many hours the Au Pair does per week and their experience level. 

It is also a good idea to consider other expenses when hosting an Au Pair such as:

  • Room and board
  • Car Insurance
  • Increased utility bills for an extra adult
  • Invitations for meals out and activities

Participating in the Au Pair program also requires an emotional investment as you need to build a relationship and trust with your Au Pair. This includes eating together as a family, sharing special occasions, and inviting them out as part of the family. 

The costs of having an Au Pair are generally outweighed by the fact you have someone at home who is dedicated and invested in caring for your children. Their support is invaluable.

Premier Au Pair is a stress-free, safe, and secure recruitment process that saves you time and money. 

Once you have completed your profile and chosen your membership option, you can then start searching for an Au Pair that suits your requirements.

Once you have found an Au Pair that you would like to get to know better you can add them to your shortlist. Once notified about this potential match the Au Pair can agree to commence communication via our premier au pair chat. 

We strongly suggest that you get to know your potential candidates via our chat platform before moving on to other social media platforms. 

We strive to create a safe environment and occasionally profiles that are not genuine get past us. We rely on our community to report any suspicious profiles or activity. 

You cannot compare the number of available Au Pairs on our site with the one from our competitors. In contrast to the latter, we only allow Au Pairs which a) are focused on Australia as their destination country and b) have a realistic chance to get a visa. That means, our pool will always be smaller in the number, but much higher in the quality. We believe that also here, quality is more important than quantity. In addition, we are indeed a new service and the number of highly qualified Au Pairs increases every day.

We offer three different membership options. Please check our Pricing page for details.

Initially we had a free trial for new families which registered in the first weeks. At the moment, we do not offer a free trial.

This can vary depending on various factors. 

The Au Pair's registered on Premier Au Pair are either already established in Australia or are overseas and planning their arrival. Most Au Pair's who are in Australia already are generally searching for a family to start within a matter of weeks whereas the Au pair's overseas might be still 3-6 months out from arrival. 

We have families that shortlist, connect and confirm with an Au Pair within a week and then there are others that take 2-3 months to secure the right match. 

Our advice? Always plan ahead!

Our platform is not an agency but an online provider connecting Au Pair's and Host Families. 

Au Pair's are often from countries where their native language is not English. The Au Pair program is beneficial in helping Au Pair's learn and improve their English language skills in a safe and welcoming environment. Some speak basic English whilst others are fluent or even native speakers.

You can select your preferences regarding their language ability on our platform. A video interview with candidates is the best way to assess their English ability. 

Just remember that they will be nervous (who isn't during an interview) coupled with the fact they are doing it in a language that is not their own - which is pretty amazing already. Your favorite candidate might not have the best level of English but given the opportunity to learn they will flourish!

We believe that stability within the family home goes a long way and recommend that the host family shares their schedule at least a week in advance or even more. This will create clarity around the family's routine and expectations. It also allows your Au Pair to plan her life outside of her Au Pair duties which is very important.

Of course, life is often unpredictable and we can't control our schedules. Last-minute requests and changes are part of life. The best thing to do is clearly communicate these changes with your Au Pair and try to compromise. Appreciation is also well received.

The Au Pair program requires the sharing of space at home and also the creation of memories. Due to the way the program is set up with room/ board and pocket money it may only be suitable for one family to host one Au Pair. 

However, if your Au Pair wishes to babysit, housesit, walk pets or offer cleaning services to friends and family this is widely accepted. Clear expectations, an hourly rate, and communication should be agreed upon before they commence. 

In general Au Pair's are not qualified nannies. An Au Pair comes on a cultural exchange program and with a working holiday visa whilst nannies are generally local and live in their own accomodation. 

Nannies (due to their experience and qualifications) are usually paid per hour and are not considered part of the family but an employee. They are also required to pay tax in Australia and as their employer, you will also have superannuation obligations. 

Pay attention to the following most common signs to help you identify scammers using our platform:

  • The candidate asks you to transfer money through MoneyGram, Western Union, or to set up a deposit account
  • A lawyer or agency has contacted you on their behalf and sent you a visa application or sample contract
  • The candidate has asked that you pay for their flight to and from Australia. This is common practice in the American Au Pair program - not in Australia. This does not automatically make them a scammer but if they insist after you explain then you should stop contact and report them to Premier Au Pair
  • They come from a country that is not eligible for a working holiday maker visa - subclass 417 or 462

If you think the person who you are communicating with is suspicious please report their profile.

Yes, an Au Pair can be male or female. Premier Au Pair is a platform open to all genders. 

If you and your family decide to take time off or have a holiday you must still pay your Au Pair their weekly pocket money. This payment is required regardless of whether your Au Pair accompanies your family. 

Please discuss directly with your Au Pair holiday duties, timetables, and any extra benefits/ allowances that he/ she may require. 

Au Pair's are generally fit and healthy. There are no official guidelines as this is a cultural exchange and not employment. 

It is our advice that an Au Pair must be given their standard weekly pocket money for occasional sick days. However, if it is a regular occurrence and you as a host family are having to use backup care/ take time off work you might like to stipulate that the first day of any sick period is paid and the rest is not. 

We recommend no more than 35-40. However, due to shift work, lifestyle rosters, and unpredictable weeks these hours can go up. This should be well communicated to your Au Pair and agreed upon before you expect any extra hours. Your Au Pair will also expect additional remuneration paid at an hourly rate or time off in lieu. 

Again communication is key. Au Pair's are generally friendly and flexible.

Although the Au Pair program is known internationally as a cultural exchange program, there is no 'official' program in Australia. 

We recommend that you seek independent advice regarding Australian tax and Superannuation requirements. 

For more information see the Australian tax office website -

We understand that the ATO is reviewing the Au Pair Program and tax requirements for Au Pair's may change. However, as of December 2022, there is no new information. 

As a host family, we suggest you add your Au Pair to your home insurance policy and car insurance. All Au Pair's should organize travel insurance -  including medical, repatriation, and liability. 

You should ask your Au Pair for a copy of their insurance once they have agreed to join your family.

A demi-pair can help with childcare up to 15-20 hours per week usually to fit around their student schedules or primary casual job. School holiday care hours can be longer if agreed.

The demi-pair program contains the same duties as the Au Pair program, with fewer weekly hours. Pocket money is between $100-$150 a week depending on hours and experience. 

Host family obligations are the same as the Au Pair program in regards to board and utilities. 

An Au Pair is a fantastic extra set of hands when a host family has a child under two especially if there are older children at home too. The Au Pair can help juggle the needs of a busy family. 

We do not recommend or endorse an Au Pair to provide sole charge care for a child under two. This is due to the fact that the 'average' Au Pair is not experienced enough and it is simply too much responsibility. 

However, if you do find a candidate on our platform that has extensive experience and qualifications with this age group you could consider sole charge care. We would recommend that if you do go down this route you make sure that there is ample 'training time' before you ever consider leaving your Au Pair with a child under two years old. 

This is up to the discretion of the host family. 

We strongly recommend that all Au Pair's pay for their own flights, visa applications, and travel insurance. Host families are not under any obligation to contribute to these costs. 

If your Au Pair has a full and clean driving license from the UK or an EEA country, she/ he is permitted to drive in Australia. Your Au Pair should organize an international driving permit prior to arriving in Australia.

Many families require their Au Pair to drive the car for school runs or sports activities, however driving in Australia is very different. 
Is it best to consider a driver with experience in their home country and make sure to either book he/ she in for some driving lessons or even take him/ her out yourself to assess their ability. 

Additionally, assist your Au Pair with familiar routes and explain different road signs. 

The host family is responsible for appropriate insurance and should cover all car costs. 

Some host families that live in regional or rural locations should consider providing their Au Pair with a car for personal use. Make sure expectations and boundaries regarding car usage are set before they use the car. 

Also, note that most of our Au Pair's come from small countries (geographically) and certain Australian concepts like the next petrol station being 200 km away will be difficult to grasp. 

Many families like the idea of first aid training, however many do not have it or need a refresher course. 

We recommend that host families book a local course for their Au Pair or ask them to do one before they arrive. 

Although your Au Pair should be making new friends in Australia, she will want to keep in touch with family and loved ones back home. 

It is vital that your home is equipped with WIFI and that the Au Pair has 24/7 access. This helps with homesickness too. 

If they require access outside the home they should find a mobile phone plan that has unlimited data. 

If you live in an area where WIFI/ internet is not reliable you should be communicating this with your Au Pair at interview stage. 

At Premier Au Pair we understood that knowing which nationalities are able to obtain a working holiday visa (WHV) is hard work. This is why when an Au Pair joins our platform only the countries that are eligible are able to register. This list is ever-changing and we will be updating this on a regular basis. 

All Au Pairs using Premier Au Pair must be on either a WHV (subclass 417 or 462) or a student visa. There is no need for complicated sponsorship requirements and generally, the process is very quick - sometimes the same day for WHV 417 holders.

Subclasses 417 and 462 are essentially the same but they have different requirements for the candidates. 

Take the time to read about the different visas eligible at

Even with the best planning and support, occasionally things do not work out and someone is unhappy. 

Communication, patience, and support are required for a successful Au Pair placement. Generally speaking when issues are not addressed people feel confused and unappreciated. 

If you cannot work things out it is best to leave things on good terms and move on. Nobody wants an unhappy home life. 

We have many interesting resources on our Instagram account and blog that can help with cementing a positive relationship with your Au Pair. 

We are not an agency but an online platform that allows you to filter your results to match your current placement. We have many Au Pair's online that are currently seeking a placement. You need to register as a family and pay for your membership if you haven't done so already. 

If you are already with an agency and prefer this model we can recommend another agency to use that has excellent results. 

Have we answered your questions? If not, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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