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From Australians for Australians

Australian-operated platform managed by former host families and experienced au pairs with in-depth program knowledge.

Comprehensive understanding of local needs, cultural subtleties, and legal obligations for seamless matching.

Exclusive for au pairs from eligible countries , only Au Pairs with passports eligable for visa WHV (subclass 417 or 462) or a student visa.

Australian support team speaking your language, knowing your needs and always happy to assist.

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What Australian families say

Au Pair: The better child care solution

Au Pair has found a host family through Premier Au Pair

Personalized Care: Au pairs provide dedicated one-on-one attention.

Cultural Exchange: Families gain exposure to different languages, cultures, and customs, enriching the child' s learning journey.

Flexibility: Au pairs offer flexible childcare arrangements, accommodating irregular schedules, evenings, weekends, and overnight care. An Au Pair can eliminate commuting and provide assistance during emergencies.

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to nannies or in-home caregivers, au pairs offer a more affordable option with lower expenses, including room and board provision.

Register now to browse our database with hundreds of up to date profiles and find your perfect Au Pair!

Legal and visa requirements for Australian host families

Eligibility: The host family must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or have a valid visa that allows them to stay in Australia for the duration of the Au Pair placement.

Accommodation: The host family must provide a private room for the Au Pair within their home. The room should be clean, comfortable, and equipped with basic amenities.

Support: The host family should be able to offer emotional and practical support to the Au Pair during their stay. This includes providing guidance, assistance, and a safe living environment.

Childcare Needs: The host family must have at least one child under the age of 18 living with them who requires childcare. The specific age range may vary, but typically the child should be between 0-12 years old.

Hours and Duties: The host family should require the Au Pair to work an average of 30 hours per week, with a maximum of 8 hours per day. The duties should be primarily related to childcare, such as assisting with meal preparation, school drop-offs/pick-ups, homework help, and light household chores related to the children.

Wage and Benefits: The Au Pair must receive a weekly stipend as specified by the program guidelines. This stipend should be agreed upon and paid regularly by the host family. Additionally, the host family should cover the Au Pair's food and accommodation expenses.

Cultural Exchange: The host family is expected to facilitate a cultural exchange experience for the Au Pair. This may include providing opportunities for the Au Pair to learn about Australian culture, traditions, and language.

Au Pair Visa: The Au Pair must have the appropriate visa to work in Australia. It is important for the host family to verify that the Au Pair has a valid visa and that their stay aligns with the visa requirements.

Safety first

The friendly staff of Premier Au Pair supports families throughout the process and garantees safety.

Monitoring and Verification: Our dedicated staff manually checks every profile and regularaly monitors messages and user activity to ensure authenticity.

Fraud Reporting System: Users can report any fraudulent or fake profiles, enabling swift action to maintain the integrity of our community.

Anonymous Chat: User identities, including names and emails, remain hidden in our chat system, ensuring complete anonymity and privacy during interactions.

Secure Data: The system is hosted on servers located in Germany, fulfilling Australian and European high standards for both data protection and data security.

Register now to browse our database with hundreds of up to date profiles and find your perfect Au Pair!

“As a former host family for an au pair, I look back on that experience with immense gratitude, our au pair bringing a vibrant cultural exchange. One example that stands out is when our au pair taught our children traditional songs from her home country of France. They still know them by heart and so do I. However, I remember also how hard it was to find the perfect fitting Au Pair. This was the main incentive to create Premier Au Pair.”

R. Khelil, Founder