4 inside tips for a successful au pair search

Tijana 19/10/2023 2 Min. reading time

Au Pair in Australia: Au Pair in Australia:4 inside tips for a successful au pair search

4 inside tips for a successful au pair search

In the quest for the perfect au pair to join your family, Premier Au Pair equips you with a wealth of tools and resources. However, navigating these resources might seem daunting. To kickstart your journey on the right foot, our team has curated a list of exclusive tips for a successful au pair search.

1. Create an engaging profile

Your family profile sets the stage for potential au pairs. Ensure it stands out with these tips:

Upload attractive family photos with descriptions.

Write clear, friendly texts detailing your expectations.

Highlight positive aspects of your location and living situation.

Consider adding a video for that extra touch.

Include references from previous au pairs for added credibility.

2. Be flexible with your search criteria 

When registering, you specify your search criteria (the specific characteristics of your desired au pair and of the planned stay). If you are too restrictive, for example with the dates of the stay or with the nationalities and ages of the au pairs, you will have fewer search results to choose from. 

3. Take the initiative and engage with the au pairs who interest you

Don't wait for au pairs to contact you. Contact them. Send messages to au pairs who match your family and let them know that you are interested. Although it is a mutual searching process, many au pairs see the host family as the party who will take the lead role. Make the most of this. The more active and personal you are in the search process with au pair candidates, the more choices you will have. 

4. Go to video call interviews with promising au pair candidates

At the end of your search, you will be inviting an au pair to live with your family. That means you want to have as complete an impression of this young person as you can get in advance. When you have candidates who seem promising, the best way to do this is with a video call, like Skype, Whatsapp or FaceTime.