Halloween at home!

Tijana 31/10/2023 1 Min. reading time

Au Pair in Australia: Au Pair in Australia:Halloween at home!

Halloween at home! Can't trick or treat? Look at these ideas 🎃

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween At Home

To get in the Halloween spirit, here are 5 fun ways for your kids to have a spook-tacular Halloween right at home!

Decorate pumpkins and have a contest for the most creative designs. Everyone loves a classic pumpkin-carving contest! Set up the kids with gorgeous gourds, water-based paint supplies, decorations, or glitter to see who can create the prettiest pumpkin. Give out "prizes" to all participants for "Best Funny Face" or "Scariest Scowl".

Bake festive Halloween treats. There are lots of easy Halloween-themed recipes to get everyone in the Halloween spirit, from Marshmallow Ghosts to Witch Hat cookies.

Watch your favorite (kid-friendly) Halloween movies. From classicslike Hocus Pocus to recent hits like Hotel Translyvania, most streaming services have a library of fun Halloween movies. Make it an extra-fun night by watching in costume and eating delicious Halloween treats!

Plan a group family costume and photoshoot. While everyone may be at home, that doesn't mean you shouldn't whip out the fun costumes.Go through the costume box and let the kids dress up in their favorite costumes - and then the adults put together a matching costume from their closet! And don't forget the pictures!

Set-up a unique trick-or-treat game in your home. With the kids at home, take the trick-or-treating indoors with thishide-and-seek trick-or-treating experience. Each adult hides in a part of the home with candy, and have the kids search the house look for their parent with the candy! You can also take this activity outdoors and adapt it to a Halloween "easter egg" hunt.