Male Aupairs (Bropairs): Reasons You Should Consider One

Tijana 8/12/2023 4 Min. reading time

Au Pair in Australia: Au Pair in Australia:Male Aupairs (Bropairs): Reasons You Should Consider One

Male Aupairs (Bropairs): Five Reasons You Should Consider One

When we think of Aupairs, we see a young woman happily doing crafts, playing with our children and prepping snacks with them. What would happen if you change the image of potential Aupairs with that of male Aupairs?

Did this thought make you feel a tad uncomfortable? Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

As a society, we have been conditioned to only trust women to take care of children. So until our partners become fathers, most of them have never done any childcare whatsoever. 

And because they have never seen a man looking after children, cooking for children and caring for children, they don’t trust other men around their children!

So if our children keep seeing the same ‘female’ role models, this societal belief won’t change. 

But if you ask some of the families that choose to host male Aupairs, they often choose male Aupairs ONLY! Why? 

Below are a few pointers for you to consider. 

Male Aupairs Often Are More Experienced

Because it is much harder for young men to get into work with children, they have to offer much more experience to meet the higher standards for males (unconscious bias). 

Often they will come with years of summer camp experiences and a sports background where they coached children of various ages. Thus they have managed larger groups of children at once and have seen all of the emotions kids go through. 

Naturally, they are then are more practiced in entertaining children and keeping them in check. 

It is not unusual for male Aupairs to have younger siblings, little girls as well, thus understanding what younger children are like and how different girls are from boys. 

Male Aupairs Are Great Role Models 

Children love being around people who inspire them. 

Especially if you have a boy (or multiples) they look up to male role models. Depending on your Aupairs talents (film making, gaming, sports) your kids will naturally absorb something that is more in line with skills the younger generation will require in future. 

Often children are also craving for a trusted person they can talk to, who are not parents. Their Aupair can often be that buddy that will help them feel understood. 

And isn’t it amazing that our children can grow up seeing that men can be anything they want to be too? That they can cook, clean and look after children? 

And from personal experience, boys are even better at tidying the kitchen and cooking a meal! 

They Are great At Keeping Kids Active

Children have a lot of energy! You know it, I know it!

I could last about 5 minutes on the trampoline – my kids could go on for hours. And if I can’t be active with them, they will be straight on devices. 

Having a young, energetic and fun Aupair being out and about with your children and spending hours outdoors with them, while teaching them soccer, basketball or play with the dog is a life changer. 

They Do What Us Women Have Been Campaigning For: For Men to Care and Share The Load

If you have ever read The Wife Drought by Annabel Crabb (I suggest you get hold of it or have a listen on Audible) you know that the reason why women struggle to get on equal terms is because we are missing ‘A Wife’. 

A Wife – a person who will support us in all things that happen on the daily and can catch the juggling balls as they keep crashing on us. Husbands are our partners, Aupairs are our wifes. Even Annabel Crabb only survived her busiest days as a Journalist with the help of Aupairs. 

Male Aupairs will not only help you prep dinner and read with the children, but also carry them on their shoulders, while wrangling their school bags. 

So by hosting male Aupairs, show our children that men can and are willing to do it all.

And often we are faced with our own conditioning and need to learn to be managers and mentors and not mothers when hosting male Aupairs.