Christmas Update

Tijana 23/12/2023 3 Min. reading time

Au Pair in Australia: Au Pair in Australia:Christmas Update

Christmas Update

Celebrating our first year as Australia's premier au pair platform, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable support and feedback. Your contributions have been instrumental in refining our service, ensuring continuous improvement in every aspect.

Our latest Christmas update, inspired by user feedback, brings a significant change in how au pair profiles are classified as 'active'.

  • Now, instead of the last login date, the 'Earliest Start' date set by the au pairs will determine whether a profile is considered outdated.
  • Now, a profile is considered active only if the 'Earliest Start' date is within the last month or later, ensuring up-to-date options for families.
  • Consequently, we've removed the filter by activity, streamlining the process to display only active profiles.

You can always chat with our team. We are open to all your suggestions, wishes and are ready to provide help whenever neccessary.

What does it mean for families?

The number of au pair profiles visible to you will be approximately two-thirds fewer than before. This ensures that you won't encounter any outdated profiles. As always, our staff manually checks all registered profiles to maintain authenticity. Rest assured, you'll see only genuine profiles from candidates holding passports from countries eligible for au pair positions in Australia. If you happen to spot any fraudulent profiles, please use the report button to notify us.

What does it mean for au pairs?

On one hand, it's important to carefully select the date you set as your 'Earliest Start'. If your plans are delayed, remember to update this date accordingly.

Au pair setting earliest start under 'Position'

As always, once you've found your premier host family, you have options. You can adjust your position status under 'Position' to keep your profile active for future use. Alternatively, you can delete your profile under 'Account'.

Please note, as before, not all families have public profiles. This means you may not see all active families in the search. To enhance your chances of finding a premier host family, we recommend creating a detailed profile. This increases your visibility, making it more likely for families to contact you first.

Happy New Year

In this short span, our platform has blossomed into a vibrant community with several thousand exceptional profiles. We have successfully connected hundreds of families with dedicated au pairs.

Your generosity and commitment have been pivotal in building global friendships and enriching cultural exchanges. As we step into 2024, we're excited to continue this journey with you, creating more lasting connections and memorable experiences.

Here's to a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year filled with even more success!

Your Premier Au Pair team!