Au Pair Contract: what you should know

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Key elements of an au pair contract

Welcoming an au pair into your home is a journey filled with learning and shared experiences, not just for your family but for the au pair as well. To ensure a smooth and harmonious relationship, crafting a well-thought-out au pair contract is paramount. This contract not only outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both parties but also serves as a safeguard should any misunderstandings arise. Here’s a breakdown of what to include in your au pair contract and why it’s indispensable.

Essential Details

The foundation of any au pair contract begins with the basics. This section captures crucial information about both the host family and the au pair, including passport numbers, visa specifics, and banking details. This ensures all formalities are clear from the get-go.

Au Pair Duties

A core component of the au pair contract, this section delineates the responsibilities the au pair is expected to undertake. From nurturing and stimulating the child's development to ensuring their safety and hygiene, the duties should cover all aspects of care. It's also essential to specify tasks like meal preparation, organizing play areas, and coordinating educational outings, providing a comprehensive view of the au pair’s role.

Host Family Liability

The well-being of the au pair is as crucial as the care they provide. This segment of the au pair contract outlines the host family's obligations, including covering living expenses such as food, utilities, and work-related transportation. Furthermore, it emphasizes the necessity of providing a private living space, respecting the au pair's work hours and days off, and offering support during sickness.

Au Pair Liability

Setting clear boundaries and expectations is vital for a harmonious living arrangement. This part of the au pair contract addresses the au pair's work ethic and behavioral standards, emphasizing professionalism and respect towards the host family's home, privacy, and rules.

Australian Dollars

Specifying the currency as Australian Dollars (AUD) throughout the au pair contract is important to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding regarding the financial terms. If your Au Pair is not familiar with our currency, send the link to a converter, such as but avoid including converted values into the contract.


The contract culminates with the signatures of both the host family and the au pair, symbolizing mutual agreement to the terms laid out. Accompanying the signed contract with copies of official identification documents, like passports or driver’s licenses, adds an extra layer of security and trust to the arrangement.

Au Pair Contract: what you should know

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